Friday, March 30, 2012

Practical Presents 101

Christmas for our family is about being creative.  The theme is "homemade handmade" and always sees some imaginative and practical ideas with a personal touch.  One of the gifts we received was a sewing kit from Mum.

We think this is such an amazing idea and gift! It's been so handy to date and something that we will keep for a very long time.

Happy Friday Everyone xx

Sewing Kit Essentials
  1. an assortment of pins and miniature pegs
  2. handmade needle wallet
  3. craft blade
  4. a tin to hold safety pins in different sizes
  5. assorted needles
  6. sewing scissors
  7. thread
  8. handmade pin cushion
  9. tailoring chalk
  10. tape measure


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