Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Español Tapas

Tapa - derived from the Spanish word tarpar "to cover" was believed to originate from King Alfonso to soak up the alcohol that customers had drunk. It would sit on top of their drink when purchased and would need to be eaten first.
Our Uncle John treated the family on Sunday with this incredible Spanish lunch.  He has lived in Spain and shared his knowledge of cookery and the craft of Spanish Tapas with us.   We all enjoyed conversation in between moments of grazing throughout the afternoon.  Paella's were cooked outside and the aromas of seafood, salt, lemon and garlic and parsley exuded around us.  
"There are few things in our lives that can match eating as a sensory experience.  For the act of eating has the potential to stimulate not only our senses but our emotions" - Food by Design 


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