Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Jungle - Birthday in a Bag

Feature Table looking gorgeous!
My friend recently held a first birthday for her son, Ryan. I helped her out with a few ideas for a jungle-themed party and food feature table by creating her a bag of tricks to decorate the event.

The bag included handmade items such as:

* Happy Birthday bunting strung together with twine. I used backgrounds of various animal prints and a light blue circle with lettering in the centre.

* Animal Garland which had circular cut outs of animals and jungle-inspired imagery.

* Popcorn boxes featuring the cheeky monkey popping his head out of one of the boxes. These were also made for a baby shower event I organised here.

* Food labelling with a giraffe print.
all the decorations put into this little bag

animal garland

matching popcorn boxes

jungle juice

food labels

jungle bunting

Happy Birthday Ryan!


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